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Q What is the advantage of Airgle than other air purifiers?

Airgle has been certified for 10 consecutive years by the American Appliance Manufacturers Association (AHAM), an independent and authoritative testing organization. It is tested and certified as an objective and fair air purification test standard. It is the world’s first air purifier with the best CADR (Clean Air Purification Ratio) and completely sealed. The completely sealed design prevents dust from discharging in air purifier gap, it filters and cleans all indoor air pollutants, and the efficiency of air purification is close to perfection, preventing secondary contamination. In addition, the US patented titanium-pro-photocatalytic technology can effectively break down toxic chemicals and sterilize bacteria and viruses, while the main body and filter frame use an aluminum alloy case to prevent bacteria and fungal growth.

Q What is AHAM Certification CARD?

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is a test result that reflects the purifying performance of air purifiers. The higher the CADR value, the faster the cleaning rate of the pollutant and the higher the purification capacity. U.S.A. The CADR AHAM certification has been tested against three pollutants, tobacco smoke, dust and pollen.

Q If there is only one air purifier, where should it be?

Airgle Air Purifier is equipped with four wheels, making it easy to move to suit the user’s usage. If you are a frequent visitor, we recommend that you clean up the space through easy navigation.

Q How long does indoor air quality improve when I use it?

It depends on the size of the room and the wind speed, and under normal circumstances, the room air quality will improve significantly after 5-15 minutes. If indoor air pollution is high, it may take some time.

Q What wind speed steps should I use to get the best air purification effect?

The effect of air purification depends on the size of the room and the degree of contamination. The larger the wind speed, the faster the cleaning effect, but the higher the noise and shorter the life of the filter, so generally keep the room air clean for 5 to 10 minutes in the beginning and then in the middle or low winds.

Q When using an air purifier, should I use it in an air tight condition?

Air purifiers can keep the air cool when used in an enclosed environment and achieve maximum performance.

Q Can an air purifier remove dust from the floor or things like a vacuum cleaner?

Air purifiers filter out airborne particles, fine particles such as dust, and odors. Household items and dust on the floor can not remove air purifiers, so cleaning or using a vacuum cleaner is necessary.

Can the air purifier continue to operate for 24 hours?

Airgle air purifier consumes very low power, so it is designed to work all day long and is certified to the USA Energy Star. It may work continuously, but in a typical indoor environment it may be better to stop after a reasonable period of time. Moderate usage time can improve energy and environmental protection, extend filter life and reduce filter replacement frequency.

Q Do I need to replace the filter immediately if the filter life and lamp light are blinking?

The following applies to Airgle AG500 / AG600 / AG600S / AG900 products.

If the bar alarm in the filter life indicator flashes, a filter replacement instruction will be displayed and the filter must be replaced. If the bulb-shaped lamp light is blinking, the titanium pro photocatalytic UV module must be replaced. If the filter replacement alarm flicker guide is used for a long time, the area of the filter through which the air can pass through gradually decreases, and the air volume and air purification amount of the purifier are reduced.

Q Do I have to replace both the HEPA filter and the activated carbon filter at the same time?

The following applies to Airgle AG500 / AG600 / AG600S / AG900 products.

Since the normal usage time of the HEPA filter and the activated carbon filter is the same, we recommend replacing both filters together at the end of the filter life. This feature provides the best cleaning performance.

Q Can I clean filter using a vacuum cleaner?

Can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. If you live in an urban area or on the road, especially where there is a lot of smoke in the exhaust of cars and dust, it is recommended to open and maintain the rear prefilter cover every 1-3 months. Without removing the filter, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the surface of the first activated carbon filter. The resistance of the intake air of the activated carbon filter can be reduced and the amount of air purification can be increased.

Q Can Airgle air purifier filters be cleaned using water?

The filters of all Airgle air purifier are professional high density filters which, after water washing, damage the fiber structure of the filter and affect the cleaning efficiency.

Q Is Airgle Air Purifier Safe? Is not ozone coming out?

It has been approved by the strict Air Resource Board (CAB) inspection in California and it has been confirmed as a safe product through Ozone Research Institute of Korea Construction & Environment.

Q How do I get the optimal performance of an air purifier?

We recommend that you keep the product on at all times because it will keep it in the indoor room, which will allow you to drop more than 30 cm from walls and large furniture.

Q How do you determine the right air purifier for your home?

You should choose an air purifier according to your health and the size of the area you live in and your family members. Airgle air purifiers will be the right choice if you need a universal air purifier that can effectively remove various particulate and molecular air pollutants. This air purifier is especially well suited for family members who are sensitive to asthma and allergies. It effectively destroys viruses and bacteria, removes odors safely, and cleans volatile organic compounds (VOCs). (May vary depending on model.)

Q What is the A / S period for each product?

AG500, AG600, AG600S and AG900 models are available for 5 years, Airgle Mini AG25 model has a service life of 1 year, AM120 mask has a service life of 1 year.


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