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Warranty Policy of Airgle Korea

A / S policy of Airgle Korea is as follows. A / S policy of Airgle Korea applies only to Airgle Korea products that are purchased for use by a party other than resale.


Subject to warranty

Airgle Korea guarantees that each Airgle Korea product you purchase will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use during the warranty period. The warranty period of the product starts from the date of purchase on the sales receipt or invoice of Airgle.

Airgle AM120 Face Mask

We provide free service for one year from the purchase date.


Airgle Mini AG25

We provide free service for one year from the purchase date.


Airgle AG500 AG600 AG800 AG900

We have a warranty period of five years for replacements and repair service for defects and repair for three years after purchase. Our Authorized Service Providers have the option of repairing defective parts during the warranty period and during normal use and replacing defective parts with new ones. A / S proceedings are provided and reviewed only in Airgle Korea, which provides certified services. Any defective parts replaced will be attributed to Airgle Korea.


How to get A / S service

If the product does not function normally during warranty period, you can contact Airgle Korea (1644-3551) for A / S service.


Perform following steps before receiving A / S service

Please follow the procedures specified by Airgle Korea. Please remove all features, parts, options, changes and attachments not under warranty. If you are not the owner of the product or part, you must obtain approval from the owner to provide warranty service.


Service of Airgle Korea

When contacting Airgle Korea, you must clearly state the problem.

Airgle Korea will try to diagnose and solve problems through telephone, e-mail, etc.

If the problem with the product is not covered under this policy, you may be required to apply for a paid care service.


Subject to warranty and Non-Covered of Airgle

1) Frame, housing, wheel, glass, remote control, battery and accessory replacement warranty

2) Equipment installation, disassembly, removal service, repair, removal or reinstallation warranty

3) Modifications or repairs to the product for reasons not in accordance with the instructions in the installation or operating manual (including replacement of Airgle replacement filters installed at the factory or filters of the same quality)

4) Subject to any damage or loss due to artificial, misuse, abuse, neglect, excessive corrosion or rust, unauthorized repair or modification, normal product life span or wear, accident, natural disaster or any other cause beyond the control of the Company

5) Disposable consumables such as filters and Titanium Pro modules require regular replacement.

6) Non-domestic use Non-use for other countries

7) Operation and non-use in hazardous environments

8) If the model or serial number of the product has been changed, deleted, damaged or moved,


Liability limitation    

Airgle Korea is responsible for the loss or damage of the product which is in the possession of Airgle or during the transportation of Airgle. In no event shall Despite the non-fulfillment of the essential purpose of the remedies provided for in this Agreement, Airgle Korea and its affiliates, suppliers and resellers are aware of the possibility and are not liable for any of the following, even if based on contract, warranty, negligence, strict liability or other theory of liability.

1) Third party claim against damages

2) Loss, damage or disclosure of your data

3) Special, incidental, punitive, indirect, or consequential damages, including but not limited to loss of profits, opportunities, sales, goodwill, or expected savings. In no event shall we be liable for any damages arising out of or in connection with any damage suffered by Airgle Korea or its subsidiaries, suppliers or resellers.

The foregoing limitation does not apply to damages for bodily injury (including death), damage to property or damage to tangible personal property that Airgle Korea is legally liable for.

Any disassembly and repair, repair and restoration of the product from the customer for the A / S delivery must be carried out under the responsibility of the customer. All repair and replacement costs and related separate services are the responsibility of the customer.


Airgle Korea shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, claims or incidental damages arising out of the unauthorized or untrustworthy undertaking.

The product recovery service in the backpack area for the defective product takes longer to prepare and an additional fee is charged. If the products in the backpack area need to be repaired or the product is at the facility of the vessel or port, the customer may bring the product to the service center or transport it to a designated location in the city area or where it can be serviced You should.

Warranty is valid only in Korea. Certificates issued by third parties that are not related to other countries and Airgle Korea will not be accepted.

During the warranty period, you must provide purchase receipts and statement of purchase to Airgle Korea. Otherwise, you will be charged additional fees and charges.

In the event of a dispute, the Authorized Service Provider shall have the right and discretion over the final judgment.


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