Airgle AG900

Medical grade air filtration technology
Chemicals / Bacteria / Microbes / Odor / Fine Particle Filtration



Airgle AG900 Air Purifier is specially designed for airborne infection control in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities, and is recommended for those suffering from severe allergies, asthma and respiratory illnesses. Featuring a high-efficiency, 40-square-foot cHEPA filter and a 6-inch premium deep carbon carbon-titanium pro UV module, it eliminates as little as 0.003 microns of contaminants Airgle AG600 eliminates a wide range of particulate and molecular air contaminants AG900 has achieved a high level of CADR rating through independent testing conducted by the American Household Appliances Association (AHAM). AG900 is has been certified CADR (cigarette smoke> 398 CFM, pollen > 379 CFM, dust> 400 CFM)

Filter configuration

1. Gas & Odor Filter: catch gas contaminants

Cigarette smoke / chemical / odor is caught with 1.5kg coconut shell activated carbon.

2. cHEPA Filter

Capture fine dust and ultrafine dust in the air with perfect filtration rate. Remove PM2.5, ultrafine dust, pollen, pet dandruff and air pollutants.

3. Titanium pro

Titanium Pro UV module is the world’s first and only photocatalytic oxidation technology, consisting of a single module of catalytic metal plates, electronic components, ultraviolet germicidal lamps and ultraviolet lamp ballasts. Titanium Pro Modules are designed to be easy to install and detach. Titanium Pro Modules securely disassemble harmful chemicals and odors. Effectively removes micron-sized bacteria and virus contaminants.

Maximum air circulation and fast air cleaning speed

With 360-degree air circulation technology, AG900 cleans up air with maximum air circulation, for example 617 sq. ft. of living room for 5 full hours of air circulation.

Engineering design

Featuring an inlet seal design and an aluminum housing, Airgle Air Purifier’s technological aesthetics deliver exceptional North American standards. Each component of the product’s performance and durability complies with the California State and AHAM standards as well as UL507 safety certifications

100% sealed design

360 degree caster

aluminum housing

infrared remote control

BLDC motor

triple filtration

Titanium pro UV module

Titanium Pro UV module is made up of catalytic metal plates, electronic components, sterilized UV lamps and a single module of lamp ballast, which is the world’s best and unique air photocatalytic oxidation technology. Titanium Pro Module is designed to safely decompose harmful chemicals and odors and effectively remove bacteria and viruses of size 0.001 microns. [USA Patent No. US 8.557.188 B2] *AG600S, AG900 limited

Titanium pro UV PCO technology

This patented technology is the next generation PCO system that removes VOCs, neutralizes odors, and sterilizes bacteria and viruses.

Airgle is a pioneer in manufacturing cleaner and safer air purifiers and has developed the world’s first photocatalytic oxidation technology to replace metal catalytic plates, electronic components, ultraviolet lamps and ballasts in one module.

10watt UVC Lamp

No residual ozone

Plug and play technology

High oxidation yields for gas phase reactants and odors

Very efficient at room temperature

Long service life

No chemical additives


Airgle has passed many tests at internationally recognized certification bodies.

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AHAM Household Appliances Manufacturers Association

Airgle air purifiers pass the AHAM standard test every year.

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ETL Electronic Safety Certification

Has been recognized for excellence in consumer product testing, quality and integrity by Intertek, one of the world’s largest companies specializing in consumer product testing called ETL Electronic Safety.

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US Energy Star Certification

Government programs initiated by the US Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency aim to protect the environment and save energy.

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Ozone Free Certification of ARB California

The California government banned the sale of ozone excess air purifier years ago.


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